How to Potty Train Your Yorkshire Terrier

Published: 30th June 2011
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Yorkshire terriers are reliable and make great watch dogs. If you are planning to get one it is important to learn how to train Yorkshire terriers to relieve themselves in the appropriate way. After all, you do not want your dog pooping all over your house.

The best time to begin potty training Yorkshire terrier puppies is as soon you introduce them to your home. Also remember that puppies’ bladders are not fully developed until after they have grown; so they may not be in a position to hold it in. Use the following tips when training a Yorkshire terrier to "use the toilet".

Take your puppy outdoors often, at least every hour or according to your day’s schedule. When you do so, take the puppy to the same area. If you are training a Yorkshire terrier on the pee pee pad, take it there and do not change the pad if the puppy urinates. The scent will guide the puppy where to go for the next visit to the potty.

When training Yorkies for potty visits, you can also take them to their specific potty area after they have drunk or eaten something. Do this also after you wake up in the morning, before playtime or after a very long rest.

When training a Yorkshire terrier to use the potty, use commands like "go potty" and repeat it until the puppy defecates. As you learn how to train Yorkshire terriers you will see the need to constantly use the command every time and they will eventually connect the command with the activity.

When training a Yorkshire terrier to visit the potty and it successfully learns the lesson, be sure to pet it and give it a lot of attention. Also use phrases like "good dog".

During the first five weeks of Yorkshire terrier puppy training, be prepared for some accidents to happen in the house. If you see your puppy about to make a mess in your house, speak loudly and say "No" or "Stop". Then immediately take the puppy to its potty spot and follow the previous steps.

Purchase a cleaner that will completely get rid of the smell where your puppy makes a mess. This will prevent your puppy from smelling that area and considering it as the potty area.

Successfully training a Yorkshire terrier will also involve keeping the dog locked up at night or when you are not at home.

When training a Yorkshire terrier, also keep an eye on the amount of water the puppy takes before going to bed. When feeding the puppy dinner do it in a time frame that will permit him to defecate before going to sleep.

If you use these guidelines when training a Yorkshire terrier, you will have it easy. However, just remember to be consistent, have some patience and you shall get the desired results. If, in the process of potty training, a Yorkshire terrier is giving you a hard time, never hurt the puppy physically or put their nose in the potty. This could result in undesirable outcomes and interrupt the training advancements of the dog.

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